All the Good God Does

The first reading narrates the beginning of Joseph’s story. It is a tale of the jealousy and hatred of his brothers over the pride of Joseph and his dreams. Stopping at the point where Joseph is sold by his brothers, with his bloodied coat making it appear like a violent death from an animal attack, it seems like another sad ending to a bible story. Who would have thought there is a better ending to this unhappy drama – that many years later, Joseph would be the salvation of the Egyptian nation and its neighbors, including his family, during a time of great famine! Yet many times we encounter similar situations in our lives. Why do bad and sad things happen to us, why this untimely death of a child, why an unjust accusation from which we cannot defend ourselves, why a devastating flood that demolished the homes of hapless people? God weaves such fascinating narratives with unexpected happy endings to stories such as these. And if we fail to look at events in our lives with the eyes of faith and lose hope instead of patiently awaiting the outcome of this chapter in our lives, we miss out on seeing all the good God does for us, how He molds us by unlikely occurrences, how like the potter that He is, He teaches us patience and perseverance by the trials that come our way.

O loving Father, when seemingly cruel events happen in our lives, help us to trust with patience that Your love and mercy will bring everything to a good ending. Amen.