Ahmadinejad’s U.N. Visit to Include Summons for Lawsuit?

A lawyer working on a lawsuit against Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has confirmed plans to attempt to serve him with a legal notice of the action during his visit to New York for the United Nations General Assembly meetings this week.

The lawsuit is a class action case by an Iranian woman now living in Los Angeles whose brother was jailed and tortured to death by the Muslim regime in Iran, seeking in excess of $10 billion in damages.

The case was filed by Larry Klayman of FreedomWatchUSA.org on behalf of Nasrin Mohammadi, whose brother, Akbar, was a protester for freedom and rights during the 1990s.

Klayman, who is assembling support for the lawsuit, told WND he’s traveling to the U.N. today to try to serve Ahmadinejad at one of several events the Iranian chief is expected to attend.

“We’re going to get it to him by whatever means we can find,” Klayman said.

According to the filing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Akbar Mohammadi was a student at the University of Tehran and a critic of the Iranian regime. He was arrested during protests that followed the closure of a reformist newspaper.

“The protests were non-violent, but this did not stop the Iranian police and government agents from using violence and force to disperse and punish the protesters. … Akbar was taken into custody,” the lawsuit explains.

“While in prison, Akbar was subjected to repeated bouts of torture and cruel and unusual forms of punishment, causing him to go deaf, and be in a constant state of agony. … It was recommended by doctors that he be transferred to other countries for treatment … but this request was denied.”

Eventually his medications even were denied him, the claim states.

“Finally on July 31st, 2006, Akbar was murdered in Evin prison during a torture session, his long grueling prison term mercilessly ended by the regime,” it states.

Akbar Mohammadi’s sister, Nasrin, a plaintiff in the action, experienced the torture of her brother “through visits with him and communications back and forth.”

She “has been a witness to the brutality that was inflicted upon her brother,” the case says.

Filed as a class action move on behalf of victims of Iran-sponsored terror, the claim names Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Islamic leader Ayatollah Sayid Ali Hoseyni Khamenei and the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.

“This class action is brought by the lead plaintiff on behalf of all Iranians who have had their civil and human rights violated, been assaulted, battered, tortured and even murdered to keep a vicious, illegitimate and inhuman radical regime in power, all at the expense of the great, courageous, pro-Western, extremely well educated and highly sophisticated Persian civilization and its people who have a history of living in freedom and want to be free from repression and violations of basic human rights once again,” the case states.

Klayman told WND the Iranian people are considered a key to Middle East reform.

“They deserve the right to be free,” he said. Nasrin Mohammadi, he said, is a hero.

“She is putting herself out for brother, who she loved deeply,” he said.

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  • SeanReynoldsNZ

    Much as I support the intentions of this lawsuit to right the real wrongs committed by the Iranians here, just what jurisdiction does any US court have over matters that did not occur in US territory? Can some Yankee sue me in America for something that I might or might not do to him in Australia? What business is the actions of any foreigner in a foreign country of a US court?