Agenda of Mexico’s Most Pro-Abortion Party

In the face of heavy competition from other socialist parties, the Mexican Social Democratic Party (PSD) is seeking to save itself from extinction with a national campaign to legalize abortion on demand, homosexual “marriage” and hard drugs, including crack cocaine.

Due to recent reforms in the Mexican electoral system, the PSD is scrambling to obtain a limited pool of votes in competition with two other desperate parties: the Work Party and Convergence, in order to maintain its registration as a national political party.  It reportedly needs 600,000 votes in this year’s elections to achieve that goal.

At a press conference at a luxury hotel in Mexico City, national party leader Jorge Carlos Diaz laid out his organization’s platform for the coming congressional elections on July 5, including the extension of Mexico City’s abortion-on-demand system to the whole country.

He also clarified that the PSD would not only support the legalization of marijuana, but also the hardest drugs, including cocaine, heroine, and crack.

According to Diaz, the PSD is the only political party “willing to defend secular government without double talk, without evasion, and without fear.”

The president of the Mexico City PSD also recently clarified that all PSD candidates would be required to endorse the concept of homosexual “marriage.”

“In the PSD we don’t discriminate against those who wish to be pre-candidates, but everyone, pre-candidates and candidates, must subscribe to the electoral platform, which includes the second generation of diversity topics, among them, marriage between people of the same sex,” said local party president David Razu Aznar .

Although the country’s largest socialist party, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), has supported a pro-abortion and anti-family agenda in Mexico City, its leadership is divided on the issue in other parts of the country.  The PSD, scornful of the PRD’s willingness to compromise on such issues, is offering itself as the hard-core socialist alternative in a bid to survive as a national party following the upcoming elections.

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