Adopted Children

The Christian is a person who has received a personal call from God to be his adopted son or daughter. By a series of events, he experiences his failures and weaknesses but leans on God. God then comes to his aid and rescues him from his death. So he starts to walk on a path of salvation with Jesus as guide and Mother Church as his support. He sees that God walks with him as long as he trusts in Him and worships Him as the only true God. He puts his career, family, riches and ambitions in the second place and God always in the center of his life.

Every day God invites him to enter by the narrow door, to take the path less taken which is the path of discipleship. He remains faithful to God in times of trial and temptation, and with God’s help, he comes out triumphant through all these. He enters into daily battle with the devil, meaning the evil that pervades in society and in other men, and vanquishes it using the weapons of light –goodness, kindness, compassion, fortitude, soberness, chastity, right living and courage in the face of evil.

When his life comes to an end, he enters into paradise where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the saints are all waiting for him, full of love and joy.