Activists Want to Censor Ex-“Gay” Message

An informational flyer distributed by an ex-"gay" group at a Maryland high school has administrators, faculty, and students who support homosexuality seething. Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) recently passed out the flyer to 3,000 students at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring.

The handout distributed by the ex-homosexual group states its belief "in unconditional love for family members with same-sex attractions" and its goal of seeking "to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against former homosexuals." PFOX executive director Regina Griggs says those who are raising angry objections to the flyer distribution are demonstrating intolerance. Also, she feels they are obstructing a legitimate effort to provide young people with certain facts about homosexuality.

"Children need to be able to have a free place where they can go and get information and not have someone promote an agenda and not provide them with accurate information," Griggs asserts. "We want kids to know that change is possible," she says.

However, the PFOX spokeswoman points out, "We didn't even put that in the flyer." The basic message that homosexual activists seem so eager to suppress was not even mentioned in this particular handout, she notes, adding that the handout "was very basic: here are some services we provide, please contact us, here's our website — that's it."

Ironically, Griggs observes, self-proclaimed proponents of tolerance want PFOX's flyer censored and facts about the medical and psychological effects of homosexual behavior suppressed, along with the very idea that sexual orientation is not immutable. These homosexual activists "do not want people to know that change is possible," she says, and "they certainly do not want you to provide an alternative."

These pro-homosexual tolerance and diversity advocates generally "see ex-gays as nonexistent," the PFOX official contends. And when former homosexuals are introduced to society, she says, many homosexual activists become afraid that this "confuses the public and may actually be a deterrent to gay marriage and other civil rights that they believe they deserve."

Nevertheless, Griggs says PFOX will not let opposition or hostility from homosexual opponents deter the group's efforts to tell the public the truth about homosexuality or to let those struggling with unwanted homosexuality know that change is possible. The flyer distribution at Montgomery Blair High School, she suggests, was simply intended to let students know that information and help are available.

Last year, PFOX won a lawsuit challenging Montgomery County's sexual education curriculum. In that case, a federal judge ordered the school system to toss out the biased, pro-homosexuality curriculum that made derogatory comments about Christian views on homosexual behavior.

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    The requirement for ‘non-judgmental tolerance’ extends only to those who are meant first to be silenced (so as to be marginalized . . .) and then ‘disappeared’ (. . . and eventually ‘not missed’). Such socio-political condition bespeaks a BigLie despotism.

    I remain your obedient servant, but God’s first,

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