Accepting the Will of God

An excerpt from “New Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton

In all the situations of life the “will of God” comes to us not merely as an external dictate of impersonal law but above all as an interior invitation of personal love. Too often the conventional conception of “God’s will” as a sphinx-like and arbitrary force bearing down upon us with implacable hostility, leads men to lose faith in a God they cannot find it possible to love. Such a view of the divine will drives human weakness to despair and one wonders if it is not, itself, often the expression of a despair too intolerable to be admitted to conscious consideration. These arbitrary “dictates” of a domineering and insensible Father are more often the seeds of hatred than of love. If that is our concept of the will of God, we cannot possibly seek the obscure and intimate mystery of the encounter that takes place in contemplation. We will desire only to fly as far as possible from Him and hide from His Face forever. So much depends on our idea of God! Yet no idea of Him, however pure and perfect, is adequate to express Him as He really is. Our idea of God tells us more about ourselves than about Him.


    Jesus is our example and endured many, many insults, and great physical sufferings for us. Our sufferings can never be as intense as His. I must constently reminde myself that  I do not live by my feelings but the Faith I believe in. The more we live our
    faith we find our lives are a thing of constant effort and constant changes and
    turning ourselves over to Him.  Changes often come into us without us noticing them but, we are placing our trust in Him and choosing a better life here and now and, for our next everlasting life.  He will always carry us through great sufferings and, great problems which at the age of 71 I have , and continue to experiance.  Living goodness takes practice. I am currently trying to plan for the future but do the best I can do for today. I know He will
     change me if I allow Him to.  It requeries great sacrifice but by doing this I add to His greatness in the world as asocial being who is responsible to others and not just myself.