A Weapon Fighting on the Side of God

In the first reading, St. Paul tells us to “make every part of our body a weapon fighting on the side of God.” This means that if we are truly followers of Jesus, we must use all our energies to do good works. A Christian is a soldier always ready for battle and not an aristocrat who just stays around his mansion relaxing. He is like St. Francis Xavier who spent every ounce of his human strength, time and resources to bring Christ to the pagans in India and Japan. We are called to labor and to fight to establish God’s kingdom here on earth.

A Christian once enlightened by the Lord knows his life will always be marked by a kind of tension – the tension of being ready for the Master’s return. The gospel says that the servant of God spends his time doing what God wants him to do. He wakes up every morning asking God, “Lord, what do you want me to do today?” Then he goes about his day doing God’s work by living a life of virtue no matter what his station or occupation in life is. He is ever ready for the return of his Master. At the end of the day he says, “Thank you, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to serve you today. Forgive my failings and bring me to your everlasting kingdom when my time comes.”