An Invitation to Our Community

One of the joys of digital publishing is the change in relationship between publishers and audiences.  We are well aware that the Catholic Exchange community consists of extremely bright and thoughtful people, who contribute so much to God’s work in the world.  We not only want to “hear from you,” as editors say, but we want everyone within our online community to benefit from as many peoples’ talents and perspectives as possible.  So Catholic Exchange has designed this special feature—an invitation writ large to take a more active part in the conversation.

Please upload printed communications, photographs and videos.  If you have a favorite landscape, one that cheers you or inspires meditations, send us a photographic record of it.  If you go on a pilgrimage—or a family trip—let us see what you’ve seen and hear what you’ve thought.  Or if your child smears chocolate all over his face, and you’d like to immortalize this for the ages, let us in on the fun.

We can’t wait to see what you send!

Harold Fickett


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  • digitaldeacon

    I really think you shot yourself in the foot with this new Format. It is cluttered and confusing and I liked the old format. Catholic Exchange has been my Home Page for a number of years but may not be for long. Sometimes new is not better and in this case my vote is I don’t like it!