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Dear Catholic Exchange:

I am a little surprised that CE put an article like Russell Shaw's, "Communication in a Powder-Keg World" on your forum.

I wish Russell Shaw had read Fr. Tom Euteneuer's article, "Adamant in Our Support of the Pope." Does Mr. Shaw really think that the Pope can guide the world toward Christ and yet at the same time be disconnected with world politics? Does the Pope need a babysitter for every word? Why don't we just elect the "communication advisors" as Pope – Russell Shaw seems to think they have a much better grasp of the world than our Pope. I am just thankful for those who cast votes in support of the Pope – verbal babysitter or no.

God bless you and all you do!

Christy Wall

Dear Ms. Wall,

Thank you for being such an engaged reader of Catholic Exchange and for your encouraging words.

We ran Russell Shaw's column because Mr. Shaw is a seasoned Catholic journalist who could not be more faithful to the Church. His well-considered opinion was not at odds with Church teaching and is based on his insights from many years of media experience covering the leaders of the Church here in the United State and world-wide.

So does that mean that every editor at CE thought Mr. Shaw was dead-on correct in his assessment? No. Do some of us tend to find Fr. Tom Euteneuer's comments more congenial to our way of thinking? Yes. But do our readers have the right to read both opinions for themselves and make their own judgments? We think so.

We know that this has been an issue that Catholics are eager to discuss. There is no "right" Catholic position on this. Some people think the Holy Father misspoke. Others think that his every phrase was directed with laser-like precision by the Holy Spirit. Everyone has followed the various Muslim reactions, his response to them, and the communication from the Vatican with great interest.

We have presented a variety of comments about it from different sources and perspectives. That's what makes for an interesting and lively Catholic Exchange!

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs. Mary Kochan
Senior Editor
Catholic Exchange

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