A Labor Day Meditation

Today is a holiday for all of us – those who work in our out of the home, those retired, and those who enjoy the fruits of labor. I pray that your day is restful and enjoyable. I wanted to share the following meditation with you from Catholic Extension:

Today — Labor Day — we offer the opportunity and the suggestion to read this year's Labor Day Statement. The statement is issued annually by the Domestic Policy Committee of the USCCB. This year's is entitled: "A Time to Remember; A Time to Recommit" issued by the chairman, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio. We share the opening sentence and the conclusion with the hope you will take time to reflect on the entire statement.

"A Time to Remember; A Time to Recommit"

Labor Day is a holiday with an important, but sometimes forgotten purpose. Labor Day 2007 is a time to look back, look around, and look ahead. It is a day to celebrate the work and the workers who are at the heart of this holiday. It is a time to recall the powerful and consistent teaching of our Church on the dignity of work and the rights of workers. It is an opportunity to remember when we have fallen short and when we have made a difference. Most of all, like New Year's Day, it is time to resolve to do better. For Catholics, Labor Day 2007 is a time to recommit in our own small ways-to our own work, to treat others justly, and to defend the lives, dignity, and rights of workers, especially the most vulnerable. This is a requirement of our faith and a way to advance the promise of our nation.

Bishop William R. Houck, President Emeritus, Catholic Extension www.catholicextension.org


Lisa Hendey, Catholic wife and mom, is the founder and webmaster of www.CatholicMom.com and the author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms: 52 Companions for Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul and The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul. Lisa writes for several online and print publications, enjoys speaking around the country and hosts the Catholic Moments Podcast. Visit her at LisaHendey.com.

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