A Family In Need of Prayers

Dwija BorobiaOur longtime CE contributor Dwija Borobia is facing a very serious challenge, and we ask for your prayers right now.

In short, the amniotic sac of Dwija’s 16-week-old baby has ruptured prematurely:

The amniotic sac has not healed, so I continue to leak whatever new fluid is created.  But the baby- the baby has a strong heartbeat and a perfect placenta and has grown properly since last week, which was, to be totally honest, a surprise to the doctor.  Normally with a rupture this early, a miscarriage follows shortly thereafter.  But it hasn’t.  So that’s good.

What’s not good is that baby needs amniotic fluid for proper development.  The fluid gives baby the ability to move and stretch, helping to develop his or her joints properly.  In addition, even though the baby doesn’t breathe yet per se, he or she is supposed to be aspirating the amniotic fluid, which is essential for proper lung development.  So the importance of the fluid is twofold and it just isn’t there.  My body creates it and then approximately once a day it leaks back out.

You can visit her site, House Unseen, to get more details. Above all, please pray for this brave woman, her baby, and her entire family.

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  • Claire

    I was so sorry to hear about this situation. Dwija is such a wonderful person. My prayers go out to her and her baby.