A Day is No Longer A Day

“A day is no longer just a day; it is a preparation and already a participation in eternity. Upon these heights, men can face the difficulties of this quickly passing life. He is not crushed by the testing time, nor frightened by temptation.  When  these things come, he renews, with one elevation of his soul, with one bound, as it were, toward God, his contact with the source of life and resists the temptation. To obtain such a consummation, prayer must really be prayer — that is, a raising of the mind and heart to God, a turning away from all created and human attractions.”


Catholic Exchange


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  • Lee

    Wouldn’t the world be different if we all lived in preparation every day of our lives. All that is asked of us is to pray. And the rest will follow. But many have not listened.

  • JMC

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness,
    And all the rest will be added unto you. Alleluia.