A Catholic-Jewish dialog over at American Spectator Online

Catholic Exchange readers may be interested in an informal dialog over at American Spectator Online, the politically conservative web site to which I sometimes contribute. AmSpec, as some of us like to call her (or TAS, as the editors more commonly say) has a proud history of being nonsectarian but hospitable to Catholic views.

 Lisa Fabrizio, for example, has written lots of great stuff for that online magazine on Catholic subjects.

More recently, commentator and humorist Jay D. Homnick, whom I think is an observant Jew, has had kind words for the pro-life message of the church as enunciated by Benedict XVI.

In a reciprocal spirit, my most recent piece for TAS looks respectfully at why the Shoah remains important.

The recurrence of such essays makes, I think, for a dialog, even though TAS doesn't make such a dialog part of its mission in the formal way that publications like First Things do.

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