7 Quick Takes on Chik Fil A Day

1. There is no Chik Fil A  near my home. The nearest one was 67 miles away in Erie, PA.  Luckily, today was a perfect day for a beach trip, and the beaches of Lake Erie are lovely. Find a spot where you can’t see the opposite shore, and there you are, enjoying an ocean horizon, with much warmer water, little or no smell of decaying seaweed, and a shallow sandy shelf with gentle waves.There’s  no safer seaside for families . So we threw a pile of towels and a blanket in the trunk and were off…

2. …to 7160 Peach St., Erie, to preface our beach trip with  a stand for  religious freedom and traditional marriage.  Not by marching, fasting, or praying, but –au contraire–by stuffing ourselves with fast food.  Waffle Fries! Peach milk shakes! Fried chicken breast on a bun!  Let me tell ya’, this is way easier than persecution, prison, or even the March for Life.  I expect to be involved in lots of direct action in the coming year. God grant that lots of it takes this particular form.

3. The most frequent comments made/heard: a. “Oh, I”m Sorry! Ecxuse me!  b. Oh no–that’s okay, you couldn’t help it!”,always accompanied by smiles,  as we sardine-packed customers kept involutarily bumping into one another.

4. Next most frequent comments  made/heard: :a.”Isn’t this wonderful?”b.  “Do you suppose it’s like this at other Chik Fil A’s? c. “Yes, I’ve seen photos on Facebook–its like this everywhere.”

5. Manager told my husband that even though they brought in every single employee that could possibly make it, they didn’t expect one half of the extra business that came in today: “Usually no one comes here for breakfast. Today we used up all our breakfast supplies by 10 and had to start servng lunch food.

6. This is my favorite picture of the day, not from Erie,, but courtesy of North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition:

7.Now, my proposal:

Let’s have another  event along the same lines as Chick Fil A Day: fun, full of charity and good humor, and people cheerfully willing to inconvenience themselves in order to make a statement on a particular day. When? November 6th. Where? Polling places across the USA.

Daria Sockey


Daria Sockey is a freelance writer from western Pennsylvania. Her articles have appeared in many Catholic publications. She authored several of the original Ignatius Press Faith and Life catechisms in the 1980s, and more recently wrote five study guides for saints' lives DVDs distributed by Ignatius Press. She now writes regularly for the newly revamped Catholic Digest. Her newest book, The Everyday Catholic's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours, will be published by Servant Books this spring. Feel Free to email her at thesockeys@gmail.com

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  • Annamarie53

    Thanks, Daria for an enjoyable as well as true to life editorial.  WE are not the ones constantly using “pretzel logic” to defend indefensible positions, or other untrue and most unkind means and words to destroy rather than debate.  I love your take on life and faith!

  • Teammonastra

    Amen Daria!   Christians need to stand up and be counted like they were today. 

  • Charlcy

    I love Chic Fil A…And yes one of the only franchises to be off every Sunday!!!

  • Let’s hope the 5 million unregistered Christians will register to vote and then vote on November 6th!  It’s dangerous for the country and a real shame when that many Christian people don’t take their civic responsibility seriously.   

  • Our church will be competing with Chik-Fil-A (30 miles away) with our annual Election Day Spaghetti Supper.  Vote early, eat there for lunch and see us for dinner.  Or vice-versa.  We’re not picky.

  • Amen to that suggestion! Maybe Chick fil A can bring their chicken trucks to the polling places!

  • KKK Grand Wizard and politician David Duke has repeatedly insisted that the Ku Klux Klan was not “anti-black”, but rather “pro-white” and “pro-Christian.” And now Chick-Fil-A insists they aren’t “anti-gay” but “pro-marriage”.

    Even if Christ did not believe in gay marriage (although he said exactly nothing on the subject), but even if he did, on what planet would Christ promote an organization that’s been associated with registered hate-groups? Has the world gone mad??

    Don’t fool yourselves; you are allying yourself with a hate-mongering institution representing false Christian values. 

    This is what the Devil in sheep’s clothing looks like.

  • momof11

    Please inform us where to find the hate group registry.

  • Chick-Fil-A profits support Family Research Council. In 2010 FRC spent $25K lobbying Congress to NOT condemn Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill.

    Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill, provision mandates the death penalty for anyone convicted of the “crime” of homosexuality. Other provisions demand life in prison for being gay or for having same-sex sex. 

    Jail sentences are also mandated for people who simply KNOW someone who is gay and not reporting them to the police within 72 hours.Simply put, spending $25,000 to defeat a bill which denounces human rights violations is hate.

    Now, do you honestly believe, in your heart of hearts, that Christ would support actively defeating Congress to speak out against such a barbaric law?

  • Annamarie53

    I strongly doubt you know beans about the Family Research Council.  From all their material I have been able to find, this group is interested in promoting the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage, which is, of logic and neccesity, between a man and a woman.  No other pairing will result in children.   This has been the acknoweged best way to protect children and raise them for millineia.  Whether you personally like it or not is of no moment.
    Also, I strongly doubt you know much, if anything, about Jesus Christ.  As His Father, Jesus didn’t hate anyone.  That doesn’t translate into approving of a way of life that had harsh penalties all over the Old Testament.  I am glad we don’t do that sort of thing any longer!  There seems to be a block of people who only drag out Our Savior when they think it will grant them a slam dunk for whatever point they are trying to pummel another person with.
    As for Uganda, harsh treatment of gays, women, Christians, and many others is the sad, tragic norm all over the Islamic world.  That pretty much sums up my knowlege of Uganda and, I would bet, yours, too.  Where do you get this stuff?  Is there a liberal hot sheet of “talking points” you refer to?
    Finally, why are you the arbiter of what anyone may say that is covered under the Constitution as Freedom of Speech?  Is it only points of view with which you happen to agree?  Is  this the “tolerance” we hear so much about from many in the gay community?  If you don’t agree with what Mr. Cathey said, eat somewhere else!  The gays I know are kind people who don’t appreciate someone daring to speak for all of them just as much as I resent self-proclaimed “feminists” claiming to speak for all of us women as if we had no brains or free will of our own.
    In summation, get a life, preferably somewhere else.

  • drea916

      As to the point of Jesus saying nothing about gay
    marriage…..Catholics aren’t into sola scriputura. We believe in
    natural law, which is also why the typical argument of “that’s old
    testament stuff, which also included no shell fish, but you eat shell
    fish don’t you?!” Natural law, baby! It’s great! We also don’t believe
    in birth control or IVF, but folks who use that aren’t screaming bloody
    murder. Or, for that matter, the chic fil a president also made the
    comment about being married to their first wives….I haven’t heard
    anything from divorced or remarried folks about being hated.