50 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

There are, of course, an infinite number of ways to achieve this important objective — we are limited only by our imaginations. But the below list can serve as a useful guide to helping find those opportunities to make someone feel appreciated, cherished, and loved.

1. Frame your child’s drawing and display it in a prominent place in the house.

2. Pay the toll for the person behind you.

3. Leave not only a tip for your waiter, but also a nice note complementing him or her on their superior service.

4. Send an email greeting from www.e3mil.com or www.bluemountain.com to a friend or family member.

5. Bring a handful of movies to a friend or co-worker who has been ill.

6. Get a large cheering section of family and friends to attend one of your child’s sporting events.

7. When mailing in a payment for your credit card or utility bill, attach a funny cartoon or humorous anecdote.

8. As a manager, instead of giving your employees a bonus check, take them to the mall and have them go on a 30-minute spending spree.

9. Leave an anonymous note attached to an apple on your teacher’s desk, acknowledging what a fantastic teacher she is.

10. Pick flowers for your loved one rather than buying them.

Send Your Child on a Treasure Hunt

21. Post a thank-you note on an employee’s office door.

22. While on vacation, send a postcard to a friend and let him know you’re thinking of him.

23. Send a loved one on a treasure hunt to find a prize.

24. Have a rotating special night out for each of your children in which the whole family ventures out to celebrate the one child.

25. If a telephone representative such as an airline agent has provided you with superior service, ask to be transferred to his manager so you can praise him for a job well-done.

26. When paychecks are distributed to your employees, write a note on the envelope recognizing an employee’s accomplishment.

27. Address an envelope to a friend or family member with the words “The Great,” “Your Majesty,” or “Saint” preceding her name.

28. Invite employees to your home for a special celebration, and recognize each one in front of his colleagues and guests.

29. Offer to mow your neighbor’s lawn as you are doing yours.

30. When you hear a positive remark about a fellow co-worker, let the person know by sending her an email or telephone message.

Surprise Your Spouse At Work

11. Place a love note in your child’s lunch bag.

12. Take care of a sibling’s chores for the day and let her play instead.

13. Show up at your spouse’s work unannounced, and take him or her out to lunch.

14. Call a friend or family member and leave a message on their answering machine expressing your love for them.

15. Invite your neighbors over for a barbecue or outdoor picnic.

16. Play shadow-tag with your children on a bright, sunny day.

17. If someone such as a mechanic or bank teller has provided you with excellent service, write a glowing letter to that person’s manager.

18. Bake a dessert for your co-workers.

19. Have an old friend of your spouse show up as a surprise guest (a friend whom neither of you has seen in a long time).

20. Give your parents a free car wash or window-cleaning coupon.

Make Lunch for Your Plumber

31. Send a favorite old photograph to your best friend as a postcard (a memorable picture that has the two of you in it).

32. When a plumber or painter is at your house, offer to make him lunch.

33. Join your children in making giant pictures on your driveway with sidewalk chalk.

34. Play a mock World Series or Superbowl game with your child in the backyard, and let him be the hero.

35. Get the children together and make a “Why I Love Grandma” and “Why I Love Grandpa” book, complete with text and illustrations.

36. If you’re a teacher, write a note on a child’s exam and tell her she’s gifted and will have a very successful future.

37. Send your young nieces and nephews a letter.

38. Tell an employee-in-training at a bank, grocery store or retail outlet, that she will make a fine employee.

39. Send an email to a manager, praising a colleague for a job well done (and copy the co-worker).

40. Make a silly video with your family, and send it to your sibling who is away at college.

Take the Kids for a “Pajama Ride”

41. Leave a chocolate “Kiss” or “Hug” on someone’s pillow.

42. If you see a child looking for coins in a fountain secretly toss in extra money.

43. Offer to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor on your next shopping trip.

44. Leave a fun message on your answering machine.

45. If you know someone’s daily routine, such as a co-worker who always gets a cup of coffee at 8 a.m., have the cup ready for her upon arrival to the office.

46. When you and someone else are vying for the same parking space, allow him to take it with a smile and wave.

47. Offer the mailman a soft drink when he delivers the mail to your house.

48. Ask your spouse on a date and relive your courtship days.

49. Send your friend a funny card just to make her laugh.

50. One night, after the kids are in their pajamas and tucked into bed, wait a few minutes before flipping on the light and yelling, “Pajama ride!” Then load them into the car and go to a Dairy Queen for a hot fudge sundae.

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