5 Ways to Manage Time on the Weekend

TGIF! A lot of times we reach Friday and it's a limp to the finish line (forget about sprinting). The demands of a busy schedule so often seem to get the best of us and it saps us of the energy, enthusiasm and motivation we need to keep going. Here are some suggestions for using your weekend time as a means of recharging the batteries:

  1. Beat the rush. Sometimes we want to sleep in on Sat/Sun but getting up even a few minutes before the family can steal a few minutes for prayer or just to be alone with your thoughts.
  2. Avoid the dread. Ever feel the dread of having to work on things on Sunday night? Rather than waiting for Sunday night to get ready for the week, leverage some time on Friday night or Saturday morning to make progress on a project or simply to plan your week.
  3. One night of productivity. It's important to take a few evenings during the weekend to relax, see friends and be with family. What true time masters do successfully is use one evening on the weekend for productive planning and creative work.
  4. By the inch it's a cinch. Can you get your clothes for Monday ready on Saturday? Can you knock off an errand on Friday instead of Sunday? Even a small task done early boosts energy levels and increases confidence.
  5. Hi Lord. While not the only key, spending time with God this weekend will only enhance your sense of time mastery. While you are praying or in worship, ask God to bless your week. I'm reminded of St. Maximilian Kolbe who was known to pray with one hand on a newspaper and one in his Bible- both our schedule and our soul need to be nurtured.

Enjoy the weekend!

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