Homily of the Day

In the Gospel reading, Jesus instructs us on our dealings with one another, with those against us. Even friends have disagreements: it has been said it may take time, even years, to build a bond among people; in seconds, the bond can be destroyed.

We have to be very careful in our words and actions with other people. Impatience and anger can make us do things we would regret later: cursing and bad impolite language can cause collateral damage for relationships.

We need to speak truthfully, perhaps softly but firmly. We cannot allow our bad temper or hot emotions to get the better of us and ruin close relationships and friendships. Let us always pray for the grace of a more peaceful and patient demeanor.

Dear Lord, when our tempers flare, please help us to calm down. Let us be more conscious that we all live in glass houses. Harmful statements become rocks that break our windows and the windows of others. May our words be always filled with healing and hope. Help us to let go of hate and bring in more of love.