Homily of the Day

You can just imagine the size of the crowd that came to meet Jesus that day. Many were sick and looking to be healed. And many were indeed healed, even just by touching the edge of Jesus’ garment. When you think about it, it would take a great deal of faith and quite a bit of good fortune for that to happen. Yet when we look at the world today, we see many people suffering from physical illness. They may be faithful and devout, maybe even more so than those who went out to see Him at Gennesaret. Why then are these people sometimes not healed?

Often, the healing that we receive from Jesus may not be physical, but rather spiritual. Spiritual healing does not remove our physical afflictions, but allows us to accept the pain and suffering as only temporary, and part of God’s greater plan. Through the grace of Jesus, we can learn to accept our situation and offer it up to God.

Are you suffering right now? Can you remain faithful, even through hardship and trials? Can you offer up your suffering to God?