Homily of the Day

The problem with a physical miracle is that if you are not there to witness the miracle yourself, you would not believe that it happened. You would just rely on hearsay but would not be convinced. That is why, in a sense, the efficacy of a physical miracle is quite limited. The danger is that people would want to seek Jesus as a way out of sickness and physical suffering, focusing on the healing of physical sicknesses and paying less attention to the greater mission that Christ came for.

Jesus wanted salvation in a higher context for man. He wanted us to receive eternal life. Our limited and earthly vision is rooted in this world without thinking that another life exists. Christ came for a greater mission than just to cure physical sickness. He came to cure and redeem our spiritual sicknesses, to forgive sin and to bring us to the Kingdom of the Lord.

For the meaning of our lives is not just for our bodies to attain a healthy condition, not just to be free from sickness, but to form ourselves with the help of the Holy Spirit to become the likeness and image of God which is one of love. That is why, even for the poor, for the sick, for the handicapped, for the children with Down syndrome – there is still meaning in their lives. There is meaning in old age, in suffering, in failure, in the crosses that we bear every day.

Let us pray that we will discover the inner joy of our souls. Even Jesus needed to withdraw to solitary places to pray. The real miracle in Lourdes, France, is that many who go there but are not cured continue to believe and have faith in God. Happy are those who don’t see but believe!