Homily of the Day

Sickness is part and parcel of human life. We get sick because of our genetic heritage; bacteria and viruses can bring serious sickness and disorder in our bodies. Indeed good health is a great gift from God.

Sickness, though difficult, provides opportunities for others to help and serve the sick. Mothers and families provide incessantly to restore sick members to health. Hospitals, doctors and nurses provide professional care for the more seriously ill.

In earlier times, as in the time of Jesus, many saw illness as a punishment from God. Lepers were isolated from society to avoid contamination and spread of leprosy.

In the first reading the prophet Isaiah tells us that among the signs and gifts of the coming of the Messiah will be to restore sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and mute, even life to the dead and the preaching of the Good News to the poor. Messianic times will be time for order, peace and beauty.


In the Gospel reading Jesus shows to all that the Kingdom of God has come through the cure of the two blind men. The two blind men cured could not but share their joy with their neighborhood and the world, despite Jesus’ warning to keep their cure to themselves. The two men praised and thanked God for his goodness to them.

We thank God for our lives, for good health. We have the duty to properly take care of ourselves. And when sick and ill, we hope we continue to have faith in the care and love of our heavenly Father.