Homily of the Day

In the Gospel, when Jesus drives out the mute demon, the crowds are amazed. Yet some are skeptical and demand a more spectacular sign. Still others say that Jesus’ power to heal is of demonic origin. This shows that people believe what they want to believe. Those with open minds can perceive the truth while those with biased or impure thoughts see something else.

When God manifests His presence in our lives, we have a decision to make – to convert to Him or not. Some people see God doing miracles, both physical and spiritual, and still refuse to believe and change their ways. Miracles are supposed to help us believe in God and to strengthen our faith. Yet some people are so stubborn and continue to disbelieve. We cannot remain neutral in front of a clear manifestation of God’s power.

Jesus said in the Gospel, “He who is not with me is against me.” If we are with Jesus, we will recognize his works because they usually bring fruits of love, peace, and healing. We will obey and follow him because we acknowledge that he was sent by God to save men from their sins. But if we do not want to convert to God, no miracle can convince us because our eyes are closed and our hearts are hardened.

May we not be counted among the unbelievers but rather with those who have faith in Jesus.