Homily of the Day

In the first reading God’s dealings with Israel are compared to a potter and the pot he works on.. The potter can rework the pot he does not like; so can God do with Israel..

When we are broken, we need someone to heal and make us whole again. In our need, whether expected or not, God will find a way to reach out to us and invite us to return to him and be made whole again, provided we wish and ask him to do so. Like clay in a potter’s hands, he who knew us even before we came into being can transform us to live in peace and joy.

The kingdom of heaven being compared to a big fishing net let down into the sea illustrates the mission of the Church “to catch people.” “To be caught” means we are given the opportunity to follow Christ. However, it is not enough for us just “to be caught.” Hopefully we are like the good fish, good to eat and nourishing for people; hopefully we not bad fish, not good to eat, which are then just thrown away.

The day will come when we will be judged: the good will be separated from the bad; the just from the wicked. As we go through life, we continue to make choices: we hope we choose responsibly and correctly to be rewarded with eternal life with God.