Homily of the Day

In the first reading Yahweh confirms the prophet Elija in his conflict against Baal’s four hundred and fifty prophets: whose god will consume the offerings in fire?

In the Gospel reading Jesus affirms the importance of God’s laws and that he has come not “to remove [the law] but to fulfill them.” Fulfillment involves not only acknowledging the necessity of compliance with the law but a total immersion of fulfilling the law and its spirit in daily life and actions.. It involves being reflections of the importance of the law in our relationships with God and our fellows and, by so doing, helping others in their relationships with God and their fellows.

Jesus also stresses the importance of teaching others to fulfill God’s law and, most important, that we do not encourage and teach others to ignore and disobey God’s laws.

This stresses the responsibility of parents and teachers, leaders and those in authority to teach the young about God’s law and the Law’s key importance in our journey to the heavenly kingdom.