Homily of the Day

Both readings speak of the value of obedience to the norms and laws given by Yahweh: those who keep these laws and teach others to obey these laws will be greatly rewarded. The people of Israel are truly privileged in their special relationships with God who has given them the commandments: “Is there a nation as great as ours whose norms and laws are as just as this Law which I give you today?”

Jesus tells his disciples that he has come not “to remove the Law and the Prophets” but “to fulfill them.” For Israel the “Law and the Prophets” include the commandments given to Moses. In addition many other procedural and external practices have been added. Jesus wished to teach and stress the essentials of the Law.

May the Lord grant us the grace, wisdom and strength to fulfill this great responsibility of living according to God’s laws and norms and of teaching and leading others under our care to do the same. May we also be able to discern and recognize what is essential and what is merely procedural and external.