Homily of the Day

In our society today, what we eat and how much we consume has become a major obsession in almost everybody’s life. We spend a big chunk of our time thinking about the when’s and what’s of food that goes in our body. And for some, they worry about food that will “defile” their body to the extent that it borders on obsession. Seldom, do we spend the same amount of time thinking about “the things which come out of a man”— out of us?

Today, let us spend some time to reflect on ourselves. To reflect on what is inside of us. Are there things in our life that is bothering us? Where are we in our life now? Are we happy with who-we-are? Are we grateful of God’s many blessings in our lives? Or do we feel lost and unhappy? Do we exercise control over the negative tendencies inside us? Or do we just pass them of as harmless incidents and healthy ambitions? Do we try to live our life for Jesus? Or are we ashamed of him? Do we worry about what Jesus will say or are we more afraid of what others will say about our belief in him?

As Christians, we are mandated by Jesus to let our “Christ light” shine for all to see. Let us pray for his guidance and also for the will to stay on the righteous course.