Homily of the Day

In the first reading, Absalom, the son of King David who led a rebellion against his father, is slain in battle. David mourns greatly the loss of his son even though he had been his enemy. David’s attitude is commendable. We should not hate our enemies. On the contrary, Jesus tells us to love them. And when they are confounded, we should hope that they will repent of their evil deeds. God always hopes for the repentance of the wicked man so that he may be converted and live.

In the gospel, we see how faith can do wonders. Whatever suffering or tragedy we encounter in life we should not despair and feel hopeless. We must trust in the Lord who can turn things around for us if he wants to. He can cure our sicknesses, be they physical or spiritual. But we must believe in his power to do so. Yet even if things do not totally get better, we should continue seeking God’s message for us in our difficulties. Only then do we become true followers of Jesus trusting in him both in times of successes and failures.