Homily of the Day

We have never been as distracted. The defeated devil is as real as our victorious Jesus. The devil is the father of all lies. The devil’s simple trick is to convince people that he doesn’t exist. To believe in his lies is to be in chains. The largest chain that has crippled us is the chain of indifference. Fears and lies have led us to be indifferent to the pains of our brothers and sisters. Is it fear of being taken advantage of? Afraid of not having enough and losing one’s comforts? Or is it just a lack of concern for others? The more we become insensitive, the more we are like beating ourselves with stones. Just like the man possessed with evil spirits “bound with fetters and chains.” No man will be truly at peace doing nothing with the knowledge that many people are hurting.

True peace and joy comes from allowing the unconditional love of Jesus in us to flow freely to our brothers and sisters especially to those who are in pain and who feel neglected.