Homily of the Day

In the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah God assures that, if we follow and are obedient to his commands, we would be blessed with his peace.

In the Gospel reading Jesus chastises the Pharisees and his other critics. They are like children who do not know what to do: they would not dance to joyful music nor would they weep at a funeral song. John the Baptist came fasting and in penance and they said he was “possessed by a demon.” Jesus ate and drank with whoever, including sinners and tax collectors and they said he was “a glutton and a drunkard.” All the critics of Jesus did was to find fault: they would not listen and evaluate his message nor would they see the meaning of the great signs and cures he performed because their eyes and ears were closed.

If we had a society which followed God’s command and guidance, we would see less broken families, less crime and less abandoned children on our streets, less hate and more love.

And if any of us failed and wandered from God, in his mercy, as a good shepherd, he would seek out the lost.


Let us pray for wisdom to see and hear God in our lives. Let us pray for the grace and strength to remain obedient and faithful to his urgings and commands.