Homily of the Day

Life is full of blessings. We always hear this not only from priests but from a lot of people and yet do we firmly agree? With most of the things or achievements we have we think “I” worked for it that’s why “I” have it. Or we may think that what we have, we deserved it. There is no sense of gratitude in us. We pray to God a lot of times for good grades or a good job or a better opportunity and when we do get it, yes we say thank you but when that “good job” comes in, we lose time for prayer or even Sunday mass. We already got what we wanted so we can easily forget God anyway.

He’ll still be around when we call.

In today’s Gospel, ten lepers were made clean but only one, a foreigner, said “thank you.” Why? We might think this reading is far from us since we really don’t have a problem with leprosy at this time, but when did we ever take time out from our full schedules, sit quietly and just say “God, thank you for the roof over my head that keeps me dry in the rain, and cool from the heat of the sun?” or “God, thank you for the food that I eat three times a day?” or “Lord, thank you for my family and friends that are around me loving me.” If we look around us, and start counting the blessings we have received from God, 24 hours in a day will not be enough to count what the Lord has blessed us with.

This Gospel is inviting us strongly to have an attitude of gratitude and that we will start being happy as we give praise to God.