Homily of the Day

In the first reading Paul reminds the Romans about the commandment of love: “You will love your neighbor as yourself. Love cannot do the neighbor any harm; so love fulfills the whole Law.”

In the Gospel reading Jesus tells us that the following of Christ demands we learn to bear our own crosses as Jesus did and that we be ready to give up whatever or whoever hinders our following of Christ. The follower of Jesus should be ready even to give up family and family ties as may be required in his service and following of Jesus.

Jesus also compares the following of Jesus to the planning and determination needed to finish the construction of a house and to the planning and strategy needed to wage and win a war against the enemy. We must plan to do properly what is needed in my following of Christ. As needed, we should assure that we have the proper resources and disposition to successfully follow Christ.

Lord, teach me to follow you as you deserve and please help me to have the proper resources and determination to follow and serve you.