Homily of the Day

The Gospel reading gives us two parables to help us understand the kingdom of God. It is like a small mustard seed, which grows into a small tree, able to shelter birds in its branches. It is like yeast which leavens flour into bread.

In the first reading Paul tells us how we will enjoy the kingdom of God in its fullness when “we share the freedom and glory of the children of God” in the kingdom of heaven.

Our sins cut us off from the kingdom of God. When we are in sin, we live outside his grace. We banish the Holy Spirit from ourselves.

When we are burdened with troubles of whatever kind, with failures and disappointments, with suffering, the first reading assures us that all this is part of our preparation for full enjoyment of God’s life and glory.

Let our lives be alive and productive like the mustard seed growing into a tree, like the yeast transforming the flour into bread. Let our lives be faithful witnesses to the kingdom of God in this world.