Homily of the Day

The Gospel reading today exemplifies selfishness of so many. To the rich man so obsessed and successful in amassing great wealth God says: “You fool! This very night your life will be taken from you; tell me who shall get all you have put aside?” This is the lot of the one who stores up riches instead of amassing for God.

Why is there so much greed among people? Why are there so many workaholics and hoarders, misers and Scrooges, thieves and plunderers? Because for them money and wealth are happiness and power.

As the Gospel reading tells us we cannot carry our wealth with us when we die. What for have we labored for and amassed so much? Instead why have we not amassed wealth “for God”? How ready have we been to share what we have, our wealth with those in need? How generous have we been with what we have?

In the first reading we hear of Abraham who trusted in God, who amassed wealth for God and who was then rewarded by God.