2012 Kills Catholics, Spares Muslims

Catholic League president Bill Donohue speaks to the way Catholics and Muslims are treated in the upcoming film, “2012”:

When we got word recently that the movie “2012” depicts the Vatican being blown up, along with the famous statue from Rio, Christ the Redeemer, we were unmoved. Why? Because this occurs during the end of the world in a massive destruction. This kind of sensationalism, we reasoned, is standard fare for director Roland Emmerich: he is the guru of the “blow ‘em up” genre of movies. But now we’ve learned that while Catholics get theirs, Muslims are spared. Out of fear, of course.

Emmerich is more than a coward—he is a liar who has it out for Catholics. Last year, he was quoted saying, “I would like to erase all nations and religions.” Not true. He is quite content to live with Islam, even though he readily admits it is a religion of terror. When asked why he did not show the destruction of Kaaba, the religious structure in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, he said, “I wanted to do that, I have to admit. You can actually let Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have…a fatwa.”

So why was the Sistine Chapel designated for destruction? “We have to show how this gets destroyed….I am against organized religion.” Emmerich lies again. He is not against Islam.

After bragging that the movie shows the Sistine Chapel falling on people’s heads, Emmerich explains the moral of the story: “Never pray in front of a big church. Pray by yourself.” He lies again: Muslims who want to pray in front of a mosque are safe. That’s because, as Emmerich sees it, they’re known to kill those who offend their religion.

Every time I say Hollywood hates Christianity, especially Catholicism, my critics cringe. But they never offer evidence that I’m wrong.

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  • Cooky642

    Emmerich was not exactly lying when he said he was against institutional religion: Islam is NOT a religion so much as an idealogical system. No one but another Muslim would call what they do “worship”; they are “self-indoctrinating” in the greatest tyranny the world will ever see. Catholicism has always been a Hollywood joke because we are so visible: we (used to) dress differently and identifiably, we use “sacred gestures” that are easily mimicked. The recent scandals have made us vulnerable, too. While it is true that, when God decimates the earth and rebuilds it, Muslims will suffer every bit as much destruction as Catholics (or Hindus or Buddhists or athiests), I don’t see a need to include them in a movie like 2012. It’s an American movie for an American audience, and not one Muslim has any part of that. If looked at from a certain perspective, the use of Catholic symbols with no use of Muslim symbols could be seen as a COMPLIMENT.

  • Captain Sadler

    Ahh… and freedom of speech died at the hands of the “hate crime”…

  • cath123

    Hollywood isn’t the first to reveal that the Catholic Church AS IT IS will be destroyed.

    Read Yves Du Pont’s collection of prophecies of Catholic saints and visionaries – ‘Catholic Prophecy’ by TAN books.

    He has sifted through hundreds of prophecies made from the first century up until the twentieth.

    The overall view of the predictions for the Catholic Church is that it will be destroyed, including the Vatican, in mass riots and wars; the Pope will be assasinated – and according to Saint Mallachi, the current Pope seems to be the one designated; and a grand French Monarch (or descendent of one) will rule ‘the world’ (which mostly referred to Europe in olden times), who will convert the world to Catholicism and revive the Traditionalist Church, getting rid of all the garbage that the Vatican II council introduced, and the pollution of the liturgy and beliefs that occurred by merging with Protestantism and their underlying Masonry and heretical practices; and kowtowing to the modern world, pop culture and paganism that has infiltrated the church.

    The Catholic Church will be destroyed, but will rise again from the ashes renewed and completely revived back to the way Jesus Christ intended – which won’t be difficult as most of the world will be destroyed also, and all the evil of Capitalism and Communism. The technological era will end.

    I believe that will be with the three days of darkness, when the satellites are destroyed in the stationary zone of space, including the American satellites carrying weapons (nuclear?) for their newly revived Star Wars program used to hit any target in Russia by 2030. That will cause the ‘fire in the sky’ that is predicted and a huge toxic dust storm that will affect the entire planet for three days, wiping out one third of it, the other two thirds wiped out after that with famine and disease (with many decomposing bodies around and nobody producing or transporting food. Water supplies will also be contaminated.)

    But after that, the world’s climate will return to normal and food production and harvests will be prolific. The Catholic faith will be practiced as it was before and people will return to a much healthier lifestyle living on the land, farming and becoming self-subsistent. Mental illnesses will be very rare because people will be living as they are supposed to.

    So, all in all …

    When the Catholic Church IS destroyed, it will be for the better and the sustainable future of our faith and the world.

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  • kirbys


    Praise God that only He knows the hour, and the method, by which the world ends. Doubtless it will be a terrible spectacle, but does one need to relish the details?

    If one third of the planet is decimated by a dust storm, and the other two thirds by famine and disease, then who is left?

    GOd bless our Holy Father, Pope Benedict!

  • DWC

    You know … with so many battles before us …. this ain’t one of them worth a hoot. In these high drama efforts that require a religious symbol …. I’ll take it as a compliment when folks realize that Christian symbolism is foremost Catholic. As for the hypocrisy … it’s there .. front and center. I suppose Emmerich would rather we cut the hearts out of folks as the Mayans.