Homily of the Day

In the first reading Paul reminds us to remain faithful to the Gospel message, to the teachings of Jesus which Paul and the apostles preached to the world.

In the Gospel reading, after a night of prayer, Jesus names the twelve apostles, ordinary men he has called and chosen to be his close companions and co-workers and who would, after his life on earth, lead his Church. They were ordinary people: a few fishermen and their friends, a tax collector, devout Israelites. Two would betray him, one before simple maid-servants, the other would betray him to his death before Jewish religious leaders for thirty pieces of silver. Except for one, all would abandon him at his trial and death.

Yet somehow they remained his faithful followers. And with the power of the Holy Spirit set the world on fire. All, except for one, died martyrs’ deaths in witness to their love for Christ.

May we be faithful and loving followers of Christ. May the Church always have faithful and trustworthy successors of the Apostles as leaders of the Church.