Homily of the Day

The two disciples on the way to Emmaus told the Eleven their experience with Jesus earlier that evening. The Eleven and other followers believed in the Lord’s resurrection from the dead as more of their group saw the risen Jesus.

The risen Jesus appeared only to the Eleven and some chosen followers and friends. He did not appear to the general public and the leaders of the Jews who had condemned him to death on the cross.

While he confirmed the faith of those to whom he showed himself, he blessed all others who have faith in him, “You believe because you see me, don’t you? Happy are those who have not seen and believe.” (Jn 20:29) We love to tell stories; we love to recall past events embellished at times and not too faithful to the facts. What stories do we love to tell?

Do we love to tell Gospel stories to others, especially to children? How do we incorporate Gospel values into our daily lives? What stories about Jesus do we love to tell?