Homily of the Day

The Cross is a key symbol of the faith of every Christian: it symbolizes the love of our Lord for us and our salvation and reconciliation with God. This same symbol of salvation had been, even before the time of Christ, a supreme form of punishment and shame for criminals and evil-doers.

Thus, in the life of the early Church, many found it difficult to accept the cross as a symbol of salvation and of the Good News. In the Gospel reading today in very clear terms Jesus tells his disciples and listeners that, if they wished to be his followers, they must take up their own crosses, “If you want to follow me, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.” The Christian follows a crucified Lord.

God reveals himself to us in various ways, usually not in any spectacular manner but in the quiet of our prayer time or in the depths of difficult and sad moments in our lives. How have we experienced God’s presence in our lives? What has he told us? How has he comforted us?

Each one of us meets his/her cross and trials in our lives. With God’s help, may we learn to embrace and live through them.