Homily of the Day

When we love with our all, we pretty much dedicate ourselves to the
object of our affection. Fr. Arrupe, S.J., wrote about love dictating
what determines the events of our day. In effect, it will decide
everything, it will indeed change everything.

Loving God with our entirety takes everything obviously. In television
dramas, the protagonist who loves passionately seems to go through
endless challenges to defend that love. There’s a never-ending
upheaval of emotions and we’re wondering with bated breath if there’ll
be a happy ending nevertheless. Is it worth it to endure such pain and
sorrow in order to fight for the one you love? We may get hooked in
anxious anticipation of what unfolds, but we always hope that
everything works out somehow.

At the heart of it, love demands everything. As long as our focus
remains on the omnipotence, grandeur, and awesome majesty of our
Creator, it is doubtful we’ll ever be shortchanged in this regard.
With this offering of love comes our purpose. We know that when all
has passed from this earth, we will truly be united with the One we
love so much.

Yes, love at times may tear us apart and wrench our hearts into
different configurations. But, the emotions of passion, dedication,
triumph, sadness, joy, are the spirited movements of a loving persona.
It may seem illogical to the world. It can only be logical that we
give ourselves fully to God who loves us completely without question.’