Sometimes we wonder about the faith that is expected of us by Jesus. He expects us to believe in him based on what he says and the works he has done. Yet we at times want “proof.”

Maybe we should believe as children do, with blind trust. Children are taught early in their lives that their parents will “catch” them every time they “jump.” Maybe we should believe in Jesus in the same child-like manner. Why is it so difficult to just believe?

God gave us a mind to think with, a heart to feel with and freedom to choose and decide. Faith has become more difficult because we expect to see proof, especially when we have doubts.

Faith does not work that way. Faith precisely is believing because God who knows and is credible has told us so. As the risen Christ told the doubting apostle Thomas, “You believe because you see me, do you not? Happy are those who have not seen and believe.” (Jn 20: 29)


In the classic film, Miracle on 34th Street, someone says, “Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.” This is what we should try to strive for, to overcome our common sense and still believe in Jesus and the Father. Because, faith, even if it is akin to blind trust, is still a choice made every day, every minute of our lives. Faith is a grace freely and generously given us by God.

Today, with all that is going on in your life, what do you choose to believe? And why?

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