Homily of the Day

A seed is intended to be planted and is expected to produce. Small, yet it has a tremendous internal life. If it is tended well, its yield is abundant. Christ compares the Word of God to a seed. When it is welcomed its fruit is the works of Christ because the Word is Christ Himself. Although this seed is powerful, it is also precarious. If neglected it may wither or die. The soil, which refers to us, can welcome or reject the Word of God. Some of us may welcome it but the trials and difficulties of life make us incredulous of God’s love, thus doubt swallows the hope and life of this seed. Some may also welcome it but the concerns of life, the search for security, money and comfort stifles the Word of God. This chase becomes our main preoccupation. The real treasure offered to us is stifled and forgotten. The Lord promises a huge harvest to those who welcome his Word and believe in it. Certainly there will be struggles, difficulties and temptation, but the Lord invites us to have our ears open because the Word of God can sustain, strengthen, encourage and enlighten.