Homily of the Day

St. Mary Magdalene was one of the early disciples of Jesus. After Jesus cast out seven demons from her, she became one of his most ardent followers. She was present with Mary and John under the cross when Jesus died. Her persevering love for Jesus allowed her to be the first witness of the Risen Christ. According to Church tradition, she eventually went to southern France where she continued Jesus’ mission of evangelization.

What can we learn from Mary Magdalene? First, once she was cured by Jesus of her demons, she changed her life radically. Are we like her? Some of us have experienced the forgiveness of Jesus but do we totally appreciate his love and kindness as Mary did? Do we follow Jesus and serve him? Second lesson we learn from Mary is her perseverance. In today’s Gospel reading, she did not see Jesus in the tomb, but she remained by the tomb looking for him. Then Jesus appeared to her and her longing for him was satisfied. When we look for Jesus in our lives, do we persevere as Mary did? Are we ready to wait day and night for our Bridegroom to come? How much do we really love Jesus? Are we ready to stay under the cross as Mary did. This is the third lesson we receive from Mary – to love God, the most important thing to do in life. Our relationship with Jesus must be a personal relationship. We must talk to him with love because that is how he talks to us. We must also be ready to stay by his side in times of difficulties and bear the crosses we experience and not give up. Then Jesus will reward us with an experience of his resurrection.