Homily of the Day

Men of conviction often have enemies, and Jesus was no exception. A man of controversy from the start, he was often hounded and sabotaged by people who were either afraid or threatened by his teachings. After all, he came to challenge perspectives, and to remind people about what truly matters. Needless to say, this approach raised a few eyebrows and made more than a few Pharisees squirm in their seats-and even plot against him.

Have we ever shunned controversy to the point of rejecting anyone who presents new ideas or perspectives? Have we closed our hearts to words we do not wish to hear? Or, worse, have we closed our hearts to Jesus when his teachings trouble us and make us uncomfortable? Perhaps it is time for us to accept him, for it is our freedom and not our demise that he desires.
Jesus stood by his convictions and teachings of mercy and compassion as he does with us now. He continues to work in our midst, whispering his truths and revealing to us his Father’s love whether or not we choose to hear or see it. And he patiently waits for us to come to him, for he hopes in us, as we hope in him.