Homily of the Day

Coffee break with Jesus: I am very fond of the title for this passage from Matthew, “The Gentle Mastery of Christ.” It captures the very essence of how I regard my Lord for he knows you and me. He takes the initiative to seek us and reveal himself to us. He waits for us. He understands us. He always invites you and me to have coffee breaks with him. This is the message that enfolds in the Gospel today – “Come, my dear friend, let’s have coffee.” Although coffee is just the excuse for the break, it is the break that allows us to pause from our being overwhelmed by the pressures of work and the problems of daily living. What makes me love coffee breaks is the notion that I am in the company of a loved one or a friend as I choose to step out from my frenzy and hectic routine or worse from an experience of hurt and burden. Prayer time can be our YES to Jesus’ invitation to have a break. We know that we cope better with all the worries and problems of life whenever we choose to spend time with him. Over “cups of coffee”, we talk about solutions and strategies. But more than these, the mere presence of our dear Friend journeying with us and telling us that, “My yoke is easy and my burden light,” comforts and consoles and brings peace and yes, salvation. Let us enjoy and look forward to our “coffee breaks” with our Lord because he always treats us to “unlimited coffee” – “the coffee” of hope, peace and love.