Homily of the Day

The Gospel reading today confirms that the ways of God are not our ways. His priorities are not the same as ours. We strive to rise in stature and this, our parents instilled in us when we were young, and we believe it. While there is nothing wrong with learning and desiring to increase our knowledge and skills, it would be incomplete to just strive for pure knowledge and lose the orientation of why we were created in the first place. WE are creatures of God, and sometimes knowledge, intelligence and human logic can be deadly in the sense that we may fall into the danger of thinking that we are god, or quite near to being god. When man reached the moon, it was an achievement of an impossible dream. With that, man thought he has the power to do anything and everything. With the advancements in science, man may fall into the trap of thinking he is supreme, with control over all the events in his life. That is why when cancer, or uncontrollable natural disasters occur, it is good because we are put into our rightful place – creatures of God. That is why the mysteries of the Gospel are more easily accepted by the “little” ones, meaning those who understand that we are always under the mercy and mantle of God, those who accept that we depend on Him for everything and we are nothing without Him. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of true wisdom.