Homily of the Day

Prophets condemn outward sacrifices that do not express true worship of God. Sacrifices were required by the law of God. If not done with proper dispositions, they are unacceptable to the most high.

How often does our Lord question our daily masses – how devoted we are and how we never miss a daily mass to meet our friends and chat with them in church. But it is after the mass that our piety is tested. How do we treat our household helpers? Do we give them proper wage? Do we treat them as our brothers and sisters? Do we really give to those who are in need? Do we join church celebrations or follow certain devotions, are we doing it to show that we are good and pious and prayerful? Are we doing it to cover up our injustices and to clear our conscience? These are soul-searching questions that need true and honest answers before the Lord.

We are exhorted to feel sorry for these sins of omission or commission to wash ourselves clean, to seek justice, to act with fairness, to do good, to live with sincerity and “to walk humbly with our God” as the prophet Micah declares.