Homily of the Day

The Gospel is a very strong warning because it details the persecutions that may come to a follower of Christ. A serious follower of Jesus knows that many people will not agree with his way of thinking. People will laugh at his desire to bring goodness and justice to everyday life situations. They will say that he is naïve. Some will openly make fun of him and even try to prevent him from doing good and entice him to do evil. These are the people who are embittered because they have not experienced true love and kindness, or who are so worldly and always searching satisfaction for their carnal desires.

A Christian wants people to experience true love and goodness. He tries to enlighten those who indulge in worldly pleasure to discover the joy that comes from a holy and well-ordered life. He knows his combat is with the Evil One who has deceived many people in our generation. He trusts in God to come to his help and prays for the conversion of sinners. He enters into the battlefield of life armed with the cross of our Lord and love for sinners. God gives him the courage to stand for his faith and sometimes, after a long struggle, he comes out victorious after bringing back to God a soul that was lost.