Homily of the Day

By the laws of nature, a mango comes from a mango tree. If we start having bananas from mango trees, we should be alarmed! It goes against the law of nature. That is why in order to know what kind of tree it is, we have to wait for the kind of fruit it will bear when it matures. It is the same with people. You cannot possibly like the fruit but hate the tree because the fruit comes from the tree. They are one. If there are people you admire, or people you respect and are inspired with, you will also appreciate his background, his family, his formation and his “tree.” Therefore as Christians, we should be good fruits for we are the living testament of our faith. Similarly when we cause scandal, we hurt the family or community where we belong because people will associate the scandal with the family or the community. That is why we have to be careful to be signs and not to be scandals. We have to learn in humility that we are not capable of producing any good fruit on our own. Jesus Christ is the tree in whom we are grafted that makes it possible for all for us to bear any useful fruit. We should recognize that we are useless servants without him, and be grateful that it was Christ who clothed us with his dignity. This dignity gives us the honor or status that we enjoy as his friends. Let us always pray to the Holy Spirit to help us produce the good fruit the world needs to see.