Homily of the Day

In the readings we are presented with three different ways on how the Lord responded positively to three different situations which are seemingly unpleasant. In the first reading we hear Elijah interceding for the mother who badmouthed him for the death of her son, yet God grants Elijah his prayer for her. In the second reading we hear about Paul who persecuted the Church but with God’s grace, he became the great defender of the Church. On the other hand we also hear of Christ’s sensitivity of the people around him. He extends his help even if no one asks him.

Indeed, God is really good and loving. His positive responses to the three different situations should lead us to a deeper reflection in our way of following Christ. How do we respond to the needs of the people around us? Do we help only those who appreciate us? Do we wait to be asked? These are points to reflect on and pray for: that in our day-to-day activities, when faced with such situations, we may be strong enough to be like Elijah and Paul to make a generous and positive response with the help of Christ our leader and Lord.