Homily of the Day

Before his ascension to heaven, Jesus prays to his heavenly Father for his apostles so that they may remain faithful together, that no one gets lost along the way. Jesus says the apostles are not of this world just like him because they are meant for heaven.
We Christians, while we live in the world, don’t belong to the world. Since we don’t belong to the world, we should be focusing our sights on the heavenly things. But we find ourselves too preoccupied with the earthly things. Sometimes we take the risk to plan our life here on earth without taking into account the fact that we won’t and can’t stay here on earth forever. We task ourselves working, toiling and living as if we will live here forever. The problem is that being catechized by the world, we have grown roots to the world. Our feet are firmly and solidly planted on this earth that it is difficult to fly up to heaven. We dread the day we die because we start doubting if eternal life exists or not. When we fly in a plane, we have more confidence knowing that eventually we will arrive at our destination. We know that such a place exists and the pilot will fly us there. But in this “flight” we have on earth, sometimes we forget that we have a destination to reach. We forget that we are “parishioners” or pilgrims on earth traveling to our final goal or destination of heaven. That is why Christ is praying for us to believe in him and to consecrate ourselves to the truth which is his word.