Homily of the Day

The scene of a hungry crowd moved Jesus to ask his disciple where they could buy food to feed the people. Jesus had pity on the people because they persisted to follow him for they saw that he cured the sick. Were these people hungry for the words of the Lord to move them to look for him or follow him? Listening to the conversation of Jesus and his disciples, one might ask: why was Jesus concerned with feeding the crowd? By feeding them can he be assured of this crowd’s fidelity to him? Even during the time of Jesus, people were attracted to material satisfaction. We elect in office those who can give us material things with an expectation that they will provide for our needs.

The boy who had brought food for himself was an instrument by which Jesus fed the hungry crowd. Let us contemplate on the boy who gave his provision so that everyone can have a share. How old was the boy? Was he there with his mother or father? Why was he there? Did he offer his bread and fish right away? Or did they have to force him? If that boy had been selfish and had not shared his food, the multiplication of the loaves and fish would not have happened. For what he did, say a thank you prayer to the boy.

Can we act as that boy in our day to day life? Our tendency is to keep things for ourselves as tested when calamities happen. The leaders of our Catholic charities call our attention to come out and share what we have to help the victims. Many do not want to part with things they have, even if they have much. Or we give away things we do not like or are useless to us – anyway, the poor can use our unwanted things. That is our mentality. But do they deserve only our useless things? Did the boy give away his food because he had no use for it? No, he was hungry himself, but he wanted to share with others who were as hungry as he was.
Lord, make us understand that we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters and we need to look after one another’s welfare. Pray the Prayer for Generosity.