Homily of the Day

We commemorate today a great feast of glorious St. Joseph, at best referred to as the foster father of Jesus. Holy Scripture has little data on Blessed St. Joseph save for the reference as a ‘just and righteous’ man who by craft is a carpenter, living his life listening to angelic dreams and actively responding in life as scripture declares. This seems enough for the significant role of this blessed man, Joseph, son of David, husband of Mary the mother of Jesus in our salvation history.

Allowing the Spirit to work in and through our mind and heart through the verses of today’s Scripture makes us privy to the many possibilities to inspire us. How did he get all this? Simply allow the inspiration of Blessed St. Joseph to speak to us with his dreams, about their family life, about the hidden years of Jesus with Mama Mary. With Patriarch Joseph, Jesus grew to become strong in spirit and in wisdom!

In faith, let us pray on this day to commemorate and honor Glorious St. Joseph, patron of workers and for a happy death

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul, AMEN!